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Ventura County's Support-Local Program

Why Local


Virtually all of the growth in the California economy since 1975 has been brought about by small business. Because small businesses comprise 98% of all businesses in the state, when they produce more goods and services and hire more workers, the economy grows. This is the reason California small businesses have led the way out of previous recessions. Supporting local small businesses, agriculture, service providers, the arts and organizations in Ventura will not only have a positive economic impact but will also help Ventura create long term sustainable growth and attraction for new business and tourism to the community.

How You Can Make A Difference

Making a modest behavior change can have a transformative impact on our city. Studies show that a shifting just 10% in your spending to independent locally-owned businesses can result in an average of 1,600 new jobs, $53 million in wages and a $137 million economic impact to the area. As we shift our spending locally, more dollars begin flowing to our local independent businesses, more dollars stay in our community, more independents will come and we will be helping to build long-term sustainable economics, growth and diversity for our community.

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