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Ventura County's Support-Local Program

The CSA – Step Inside the Box to Eat Local

For over 25 years, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has been a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from the farmer. Download our local CSA list.

CSAs: the perfect way to support local

For over 25 years, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has been a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from the farmer.


Local harvest

CSAs provide a way to not only support local farmers by buying into a share of food farm direct and in season, it is a perfect way for you to get to know your farmers and the food you eat. While similar models of CSAs existed in Europe, Japan and elsewhere, it is a relatively new model for the US, arriving on the scene back in the 1980s.

The Community Supported Agriculture movement was inspired by Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian philosopher and social reformer who is credited with developing Waldorf education and biodynamic agriculture. Two European biodynamic farmers, Jan Vander Tuin from Switzerland and Trauger Groh from Germany, brought the concept to the US and simultaneously established Indian Line Farm in Massachusetts and Temple-Wilton Community Farm in New Hampshire in 1986.

CSAs hit the US


Rio Gozo Farms planting

Zoom ahead to 2015. There are now thousands of farms participating in CSA programs across the US. The success of these programs stems from a desire for consumers to reconnect with their food source and local growers.

It’s truly is a winning combination for consumers and growers. Consumers get delicious, fresh, in-season produce throughout the growing season while growers have the financial support from those consumers who fund a whole season’s budget at the start of the season.

Just a few of the benefits of CSAs

Benefits to the farmers:

  • Get to spend time marketing the food early in the year, before their 16 hour days in the field begin
  • Receive payment early in the season, which helps with the farm’s cash flow
  • Have an opportunity to get to know the people who eat the food they grow

Benefits to the consumers:

  • Eat ultra-fresh food, with all the flavor and vitamin benefits
  • Get exposed to new vegetables and new ways of cooking
  • Usually get to visit the farm at least once a season
  • Find that kids typically favor food from “their” farm – even veggies they’ve never been known to eat
  • Develop a relationship with the farmer who grows their food and learn more about how food is grown

It really is a simple enough idea, but the positive impact for our community is profound.

Here is a great list of Ventura County CSAs

We’ve assembled a list of the Ventura County CSAs which includes all relevant contact information and links. You can download your own copy of the list as PDF document. You’ll find the link at the end of the list. Have fun checking out our local CSAs!

Avogrado’s Garden Farm CSA

Contact:Peter Willsrud
Phone:(805) 798-1100
Location:Ojai and Ventura

Fresh Picks by Deardorff Organics CSA

Contact:Christine Smith
Phone:(805) 200-5216
Notes:Certified Organic


Join the Farm! CSA

Contact:Erynn Smith
Phone:(805) 910-5642
Location:Santa Paula
Notes:Sustainable, Organic Practices

Mano Farm CSA

Contact:Shawn Fulbright and Quin Shakra
Phone:(805) 705-9550
Notes:Certified Organic

McGrath Family Farms CSA

Contact:Paul Thurston
Phone:(805) 485-4210
Notes:Certified Organic

Rancho Del Pueblo Farm (Farmer and the Cook) CSA

Contact:Steve Sprinkel
Notes:Certified Organic

Rio Gozo Farm CSA

Contact:John Fonteyn and Elizabeth Del Negro
Notes:Organic (not certified)

Stoke Grove Farm CSA

Contact:Wiley Connell

Underwood Family Farms CSA

Contact:Craig Underwood
Phone:(805) 529-3690
Location:Moorpark, Somis


Download this Totally Local VC CSA ListDownload the Totally Local VC CSA List

We’ve made a PDF document of the CSA List for you to download. Just right click the image and save the file or left click to read the document in your browser.

Image credits: Broc Ellinger and Kat Merrick

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