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Dinner at the… 2013 Dinner Series

Here’s what’s in store for the innovative dinner series that promotes Ventura County’s world-class agriculture and cuisine as it returns for its third year.

This article describes the Totally Local VC Dinner At The… dinner series held in 2013. For information on this year’s dinner series, go to Farm-to-Fork Dinner Series 2019.

Southern California foodies typically have a lot to look forward to as the seasons evolve, especially on the Gold Coast with our powerful agricultural legacy. This year the anticipation rises a notch higher as Totally Local VC – Ventura County’s breakout advocacy network – announces its third annual “Dinner At The…” series. These innovative dining events marry iconic Ventura County locations with some of the area’s top-line chefs preparing seasonal selections harvested from the region’s celebrated farms. The series will be structured as three successive events, all revolving around seasonal, local fare. Every aspect of the evening, from cuisine to libation to music, entertainment and decor will derive from local auspices, indicative of and in keeping with the incredible bounty that is Ventura County, the wellspring that serves as Totally Local VC’s veritable raison d’être. The events are priced to please at $135.00 per person. You get the experience a five-course meal, paired with local wine, beer and entertainment, an offering that presents a unique community-building opportunity for all involved, from guests to organizers, sponsors, beneficiaries and purveyors. SPECIAL NOTE: The 2013 Totally Local VC Dinner Series will benefit FFA (Future Farmers Scholarship fund) and the Steve Toby Culinary Scholarship Fund

The 2013 Dinner At The… lineup

Dinner At The Garden

Date: June 27, 2013 Guests can hike through the new botanical gardens as they learn the history of plant and bird life in the county. Dinner is served atop the hill as guests enjoy sweeping views of the county.

Time: 5:00 pm
Cost: $135.00 per person

Dinner At The City

Date: July 18, 2013 Celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the City of San Buenaventura’s historic City Hall. The evening will be an elegant repast in the unusual context of Ventura’s City Hall, overlooking the sweep of California Street down to the coast.

Time: 5:00 pm
Cost: $135.00 per person

Dinner At The Ranch

Date: October 10, 2013 dinner-ranchThe Ranch was part of a 22,000 acre Spanish land grant dating back to the early history of California. Covered in beautiful oaks and wonderful vistas, this is sure to be an evening to be remembered. The night will include food prepared by Jason Collis of Plated Events and special guest Michelle Kenny of La Dolce Vita, wine by Old Creek Ranch and Vino V and a very special treat: a craft beer created by Vibe Member Wendell Roberts using McGrath Brothers’ Great Pacific pumpkins. We will be finishing off the evening with Beacon Coffee. Music will be provided by Todd Hannigan. The lovely setting you will experience is created by Ventura Rentals and the Totally Local VC team.

Time: 5:00 pm
Cost: $135.00 per person

Get all three dinners at a 10% discount!

Buy all three dinners and get 10% off of the normal single dinner price: 3 dinners @ $135.00 each, normally $405.00, with the 10% discount is only $364.50.

No Longer Available

These dinners will sell out, so get your tickets before its to late!

Oops! Too late. All three dinners sold out. Thanks so much for your support of the Totally Local VC Dinner At The… series!


  1. Are the dinners for 2013 still available or are they sold out?

    • As of right now, there are still a few tickets left for each of the dinners. They are moving quickly, so secure your spot by purchasing your tickets now using the links above.

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