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Did You Know… ? Surfing


Did you know… that surfing in California dates back to 1885?

Three Hawaiian princes came over to attend school in San Mateo, CA. They traveled to Santa Cruz and rode waves at the mouth of the San Lorenzo River using surfboards made out of local redwood.

surfing-puuThe famous Hawaiian surfer Duke Kahanamoku surfed Ocean Beach in San Diego in 1916 and subsequently inspired Olympic swimming teammate Tom Blake to take up surfing. In the 1920s, both Blake and Kahanamoku surfed and gave demonstrations throughout California including visiting our very own Surfers Point or C-Street, as it is known to many.

Surf culture has been a huge part of our area’s history for many years. Ventura County has also given birth to some of the top surfers in the world: the Malloy Brothers, Dane Reynolds and up-and-comers like Charlie Fawcett, to name just a few.

Ventura County is home to many surfing-industry legends

But Ventura County is actually known more in the surfing industry for producing some the top surfing-industry legends. Surfboard shapers like Malcolm Campbell of Campbell Brothers Surfboards who was the inventor of the Bonzer, the first surfboard with three fins, back in 1970; surfing-martinRobert Weiner of Roberts Surfboards who was named by Surfer Magazine as the top surfboard shaper of 2011; and Steve Walden of Walden Surfboards, known in the surfing industry as “the father of the modern long board.” And how about guys like Larry Block of Block Surf who was the innovator of the swivel leash or David Pu’u and Scott Aichner who continually battle it out for the top spot in Surfing Magazine’s best photographer and best cinematographer of the year awards. The amazing thing is that these names do not even begin to scratch the surface of the local who’s who in surfing.

The Surfing lifestyle is a unique one – it’s one of dedication and practice – which starts out for most people as a hobby, a sport and quickly becomes a life-long lifestyle.

Always wanted to learn to surf? will get you in the water and riding waves.

Need the gear?

Check out our great local shops like: Ventura Surf Shop at 88 E Thompson Blvd in Ventura, (805) 643-1062.

Local business owners work hard to help support our local community and our youth in surfing. Please do your part to support them.

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  1. So honored to live in this legendary place!

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