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Ventura County's Support-Local Program

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Are You A Local Independent Business? We’ll Tell Your Story!

A strong culture of buying locally is the foundation of a sustainable local economy. So we created Totally Local VC as a collaborative initiative designed to promote Ventura County-based independent businesses like yours and, at the same time, educate the public about the importance of supporting independently owned business, agriculture, organizations, music and the arts in our local community.

Become A Totally Local VC Partner

Become a TLVC Partner and get special exposure featuring the unique contribution your business makes to our community! Totally Local VC´s business partners demonstrate the breath of locally owned businesses, artists, musicians, growers, purveyors and organizations in our community. Whether you are dining, shopping, relaxing, volunteering or working, we always encourage our community to Think Totally Local First!

Click here to sign up as a Totally Local VC Partner

Here’s how you apply to become a Totally Local VC Partner

Join our growing community of Ventura County businesses working with us to cause a shift toward thinking local first. The criteria for joining TLVC as a Partner is simple. Just answer the following three simple questions:

  • Is your business based locally, with a majority of the owners living in the Ventura County?
  • Can you make independent decisions about the name and look of your business, your products, and your purchasing and distribution?
  • Do you pay your own marketing, rent, and other business expenses?

If you answered YES to all three questions, you qualify to be a TLVC partner! We would love to have you as one of our business partners. Just choose the appropriate category for your business size and type, then click on the button below and you’re on the way to becoming a TLVC partner.

Application instructions

Using the dropdown menu below, choose the business size or type that is appropriate for your company. Then click the Join Us! button. You will be taken to Paypal to enter your payment information – you don’t need a Paypal account, they accept credit cards. Once you complete the payment process, you’ll be brought back to our site where you can submit the information that we need to make a great directory listing for you. So get your best image, logo, and social network info together so you can successfully complete the submission form.

Welcome aboard!

What is your business size or type?

Look At All The Benefits You Get As A Totally Local VC Partner

Positive Economic Impact

A center point of TLVC is as an advocate and catalyst of dynamic “shop local” awareness. The ongoing emphasis encourages consumers to remember that spending is an intentional act in which every dollar represents a vote for the type of community in which they’d like to live.

You’re Connected From Farm To Plate

TLVC is a friend of the Ventura County farmer; the industry that gave birth to the region, and that feeds and supports it to this day. In a world that moves resolutely into an uncertain future, health and wellness will increasingly depend upon the availability of fresh, local, and season appropriate fare.

Updated Local Arts and Entertainment

As Ventura has intentionally styled itself as an ” Art City,” dedicated to a thriving artscape that informs all walks of life, so TLVC lives and breathes in the arts, promoting events to showcase the work of Ventura County artists of all generes. No medium carries a message as effectively as art, and TLVC knows that our future depends upon our ability to communicate dynamically and effectively.

We’re Live And Online

TLVC is both a virtual, web-based experience, offering a web portal and Facebook profile that is deeply informational and easily navigable, and a tangible presence in the community, sponsoring, promoting, outreach and participating in events and commerce.

But wait… there’s more. Totally Local VC actively promotes your business!

Our goal is to increase the community’s awareness of the importance of living local. Our program is designed to spread the word county wide about the positive impact your business, organization or program has on our economy, environment and community. So we promote your business in so many ways. Here’s just a few of them:

  • Online profile and link to your website
  • Directory listing
  • Local calendar listing all sorts of events, including yours
  • Local marketing-support materials
  • Personalized “We’re Local” photo describes your unique contribution to the community
  • Monthly newsletters and eBlasts highlighting our partners and sponsors
  • Radio and TV exposure using our strong relationship with local and national media
  • Social Networking that will drive eyeballs to your website
  • In-store materials including window decals, posters and brochures
  • Annual membership in Totally Local VC’s Good Business Network
  • Spotlight promotions and sponsorship opportunities
  • Ads and featured listing availability
  • And a whole bunch more

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